Saints Row Reboot: 10 Best Perks To Unlock

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Saints Row has many customization options, including perks - allowing anyone to cause a ton of mayhem. Success hinges on knowing which ones are best.

The reimagined Saints Row is full of options, giving players plenty of weapons, skills, and vehicles to choose from. In addition, one can also use perks, which can be unlocked via challenges and come with their own advantages.

With so many perks, and all of them split into three tiers - Minor, Major, and Elite - there are so many good choices to pick from. These ten perks are the best to have for anyone determined to become a criminal mastermind.

Nitrous is an unlockable configuration that lets players accelerate faster than usual in their vehicles. It can be unlocked by following a five-step process, which ends with a big purchase worth thousands of dollars. The nitrous doesn't last forever, though - there's a meter that determines whenever a vehicle's nitrous fuel is fully depleted.

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With the perk Close Call, players can use nitrous boosting more often than usual, thereby encouraging plenty of reckless driving. Whenever there's a near miss, the vehicle automatically gains more boost time.

Obviously, not all weapons in Saints Row are the same. Some guns are deadly accurate, while others specialize in dealing a higher damage output and recoil. Many of these guns vary in reload speed, as some guns may take longer to refill with ammo than others.

That's where Dead Eye comes in, as it charges up the reload speed after getting a headshot. For weapons that have a default slow reload speed, this perk can come in handy. It also works well with any perks that are combat-based.

Saints Row has four SMGs available - the 1921 Johnson, the D4th Blossom, the Machine Pistol, and the TEK Z-10. While these four guns are unique and advantageous in different ways, they're quite frankly on the weaker side.

Dual Wield helps eliminates that problem, as it grants the player to use two SMGs at the same time. With this perk activated, one can fire away bullets with the D4th Blossom while also making use of the Machine pistol's versatility. It should be noted that the Dual Wield perk also works with pistols.

The Eagle Eye perk is about one thing, and one thing only - takedown reduction. For every headshot that a player gets, the cooldown of the Takedown meter is reduced. Anyone can instant kill any regular enemy in sight after getting a few headshots in.

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If the player is using a weapon that fires in rapid succession, it will result in more headshots, thereby resulting in higher takedown reduction. Eagle Eye pairs well with other takedown perks such as Dead Eye and can be used with sniping rifles as well.

Gaining experience in Saints Row allows the player to obtain unlockable stuff, such as new skills and weapons, as they level up. Things like completing side hustles, doing wanted missions, or beating challenges are just a few ways to gain experience quickly.

However, with the Fast Learner perk, the player can gain even more experience than usual. They can have this perk equipped until they reach level 20, which is the highest level that anyone can reach. With all the experience racked up, one can have all the skills and weaponry at their disposal.

Flow is a gauge utilized for all skills, and the diamonds over a player's health bar determine how much Flow one has. With each diamond indicating a Flow Point, the player has to kill in combat to get these Flow Points to increase.

But to use a skill, however, a Flow Point has to be consumed. With Flow decreasing whenever it's not in use, In the Flow remedies the issue by retaining the player's Flow. So even with a combat encounter concludes, the Flow Meter will remain intact.

Loot Grab isn't the most powerful perk in the game, but it sure can come in handy. If none of the other minor perks don't suit a player's setup or gameplay style, then this perk is a good one to have equipped.

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Loot Grab automatically draws in cash and ammo, keeping the player fully stocked up for just about any occasion. Any valuable stuff that is in close proximity will be pulled towards the player, no matter what. The more supplied one is, the better the gaming experience.

Notoriety is an essential feature in Saints Row, as it measures how much the opposing factions will pursue you. On higher difficulty levels, notoriety can easily build up much quicker than usual - and fortunately, there's a perk that can keep the notoriety even-keeled.

On The Down Low helps manage the amount of notoriety, keeping the gains low as the player has more free rein to cause as much mayhem as they please. Whether it's attacking rival factions or even going after innocent civilians while riding in a car, these actions will result in minimal notoriety.

Rampage doesn't take effect unless a player's Flow Meter is full. When the Flow Meter remains intact, the player sees an increased damage output, and they can dish out even more pain than usual. Going on a killing streak will always guarantee to keep the Flow relatively high.

It's worth noting that Rampage also complements well with other perks. Paired with the In The Flow perk, Rampage has a lot more reliability as long as the player isn't constantly spamming special attacks. The more rampage, the higher the Flow.

The character health bar isn't the only health bar that a player has to worry about. They also have to worry about their vehicle's health bar, too, as their sweet ride can lose get damaged in explosions, high-speed chases, and just about any sort of mayhem.

Ride Eternal can make a player's vehicle invincible, as it grants it health every time another vehicle is totaled. Regardless of how many upgrades a vehicle has, the vehicle will still be indestructible. Put it on a tank, and watch the carnage unfold.

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